Investing in Trust Deeds Fresno California

Are you looking to increase your income and diversify your portfolio at the same time? Investing in a trust deed through J. Avila & Company is the answer to your dilemma. Generally, trust deeds carry lower risk than other investment vehicles, including stocks, and also deliver a higher return. J. Avila & Company is experienced at investing in trust deeds, so when you invest with us, you can rest assured your investment is secure and that you can work towards stabilizing your financial future.

Trust Deeds Defined

If you are not familiar with trust deeds, they are basically investments which are backed by real estate assets. In other words, you can invest in real estate loans which are secured by collateral. You can expect annual returns of over 10% on your investment. In addition to the handsome return on your investment, trust deeds are relatively low-risk, especially when compared with certificates of deposits. J. Avila & Company will bring their experience and expertise in trust deed investing to bear to ensure your investment is secure and that you enjoy a high rate of return.

Why Go for Trust Deeds?

There are few better options to diversify your investment portfolio than trust deeds. Since there are few external factors affecting your investment, you can build wealth while your investment doesn’t encounter much risk. Let’s say you put $50,000 in trust deeds with J. Avila & Co, you can expect the amount to grow to a million dollars by the time you retire. Most of the investors who put their money into trust deeds through us experience an 11% annual return.

Moreover, the principal amount you have invested remains safe regardless of the returns you are enjoying. This way, your regular income continues to increase, your portfolio is balanced and you have s secure investment which is protected against any uncertainty in the market.

Additional Benefits

There are some other benefits of investing in trust deeds as well, including:

  • You can keep the income you generate via your trust deed investment tax-free by using your IRA account. The tax will either be waived off or at least deferred, either way it is beneficial for you.
  • Avila & Company will charge you no extra fee or commission for providing you the opportunity of investing in a trust deed. You stand to benefit from our experience and expertise in trust deed investing absolutely free of cost.
  • The local real estate market is relatively stable which means there is added security for trust deed investors. This way, you get an equity buffer which ensures your principal investment amount remains secure as well as the interest you make on it.

Investing in a trust deed with J. Avila & Company can be one of the best financial decisions you make in your life. Contact us now and we will tell you more about the many benefits of trust deed investing and why it could be the right choice for you. After all, it is not every day that you get a low-risk, high-return investment opportunity to capitalise on.