10 Benefits to Selling Your Fresno Home to an Investor over a Traditional Realtor

Selling Your Fresno Home to an Investor over a Traditional Realtor

There are alternative avenues to selling a Fresno home besides the traditional route. These should be explored, particularly if you are tired of relisting your home or there is something very undesirable about the property. Real estate agents are professionals and know what they are doing, but it’s not uncommon to have a bad experience with one or to desire a more ideal option. In many cases, it can actually be the best choice to try selling a home without a realtor. If you don’t want or can’t afford to deal with the complications that can arise by selling a home through the more traditional channels, selling to an investor might be best.

Here is a list of ten reasons why working with an investor from the best house buying companies might benefit you or be the better option.

1. They Will Buy Homes As-Is

If your home is in particularly poor condition, a realtor will either not want to work with you or provide a list of extensive repairs you may not want to complete. You might not have the time or want to pour any more money into that house. An investor will do neither of those things. They will be aware of all the repairs they need to make on the property before they buy and make an offer accordingly. Sellers will never be expected to pay for or make any repairs when selling to professional house buyers.

Investors will also not care about the issues your home has, no matter how significant. This is an excellent option for sellers who do not have the time or the means to make these repairs. The investor will take care of it so you do not have to. These problems can be something as small as the wallpaper and carpets being out of date to something as major as foundation issues.

2. They Can Help With Foreclosures

Sellers usually have a very short amount of time to sell a Fresno home before a foreclosure is completed. In such cases, taking the time needed to find a real estate agent and then a regular buyer might not be the best choice. Selling traditionally while in foreclosure is particularly a problem when it comes to financing, because loans are usually not awarded to buy foreclosures. This means you will need to make a cash sale and most buyers are simply not equipped to do that.

It is common for investors to purchase homes in foreclosure, and so they know what they are doing. This is in stark contrast to the average homeowner or buyer, who may know little about the foreclosure process and be unsure how to proceed. Investors have seen it before and will work with both you and your lender to finalize the sale before the foreclosure period ends. Allowing the foreclosure to be completed will wreak havoc on your credit history and make it more difficult to buy a home in the future. Selling the house before the foreclosure can happen will still affect your credit score, but the blow will be softer.

3. They Buy Homes In Undesirable Neighborhoods

If your neighborhood was either not great when you moved in or has become less desirable since you’ve lived there, finding a buyer can be difficult. Even if the neighborhood itself is fine, if your home is located next to a property that is in terrible shape, that can also affect your ability to sell. Investors are more than willing to buy properties in more undesirable neighborhoods, and they are equipped to fix up the home so people will still want it anyway.

Most buyers are looking for a home in which they plan to live. Investors are not, so they only care about the location insofar as they can fix up the property and resell or rent it. If you are selling a home in Fresno without a realtor in an area that is not attracting buyers, an investor might just be your best bet. There is no reason to waste your time and your real estate agent’s time trying to sell a property with terrible neighbors when you can just go to an investor instead.

4. You Won’t Have To Relist

With real estate agents, contracts usually stipulate a time period in which the agent has to sell the home. If the house doesn’t sell within that time frame, it will have to be relisted – either with the same agent or a new one. This opens up a few significant problems. A home that has been on the market for a while and relisted can be more difficult to sell because buyers might assume there is something very wrong with the property or the pricing was poor.

When selling your Fresno home to an investor, you don’t have to worry about your home not selling and the considerations that come with relisting. With an investor, you are guaranteed the sale. If you do not want to or cannot accept the possibility that your home might be relisted, selling to a cash house buyer is an excellent alternative.

5. They Pay In Cash

Very few regular buyers can pay for your home in cash. Instead, they must get approval from a bank or other lending institution. Financing issues is the biggest reason traditional sales fall through. It is not uncommon for a buyer to enter the sale process and then be denied the loan. This is understandably frustrating for the seller, to whom this can even happen multiple times while trying to sell their Fresno house.

Investors are cash house buyers. This is what makes them an attractive option for sellers whose homes are in foreclosure and people who need to sell my home Fresno fast. There are numerous advantages of having a cash sale, including fewer potential repercussions, the speed of the transaction and the fact that fewer sales fall through.

6. The Market Won’t Matter

Whether you sell quickly and for a good price all depends on the state of the housing market in your area. The health of the market is determined by how many houses are for sale compared to how much demand there is from buyers for those houses. The housing market can be fickle and choosing the right time to sell can be a hassle. Even the best realtors cannot control the state of the market or be able to sell your home in Fresno CA if there is not enough demand in the area.

When selling to an investor, the state of the market does not matter. This is particularly true if they intend to rent the property, because in a bad market people are more likely to rent than buy. Investors even have the option of sitting on the property until the market improves, which is likely a luxury you do not have.

7. There Is No Complicated Paperwork

There is paperwork galore when you sell through an agent. This is because of the sheer amount of parties involved, which can include your agent, the buyer, the buyer’s agent, the title company, the city and others. You will be reading and signing many pieces of paper when selling through a realtor. Investors will take care of much of the paperwork for you, and there are fewer parties to contend with. Their process is pretty simple. This leads to less paperwork overall, and less work on your part.

8. There Are No Commission Fees

When a real estate agent helps you sell your Fresno home, they take a commission off the final purchase price. Commissions are split between your agent and the buyer’s agent, if they have one. The amount is usually around 6% for both the commission and other fees. This is usually around $10,000 for most homes, so you will not be getting the whole of the sale price. By selling to an investor, you can bypass those fees and potentially pocket more money from the sale.

9. There Are No Closing Costs

Closing can start adding significant expenses to your sale, some for annoying things like paperwork fees. Investor sales cut a lot of that out because the investor takes full responsibility for the closing process. This also means they will pay for anything that comes up at closing. No reputable investor will come back to you later and demand you reimburse them for these costs. Along with cutting out the commission fees, removing the closing costs also keeps more money in your pocket during and after the sale.

10. The Closing Process Is Quick

Any number of things can draw out the closing process in a traditional sale. However, when you cut out things like loans, agents, commissions, conditions and closing paperwork, the process understandably speeds up. When the sale is to an investor, it can take as little as one week between the offer and finalization of the sale. When selling through an agent, the average is over a month. Selling your Fresno home to an investor is usually your best option if you want the sale over quick for any reason. You can begin move out preparations as soon as the deal is finalized.

Getting Started

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